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Hello. Do you know how to use a search engine (ex. Google)? Congrats! I just saved you money and saved your lovely time. Please don’t pay anyone to show you how to use Excel. No good at it? Here are some tips:

  1. Have a real problem to solve- I know this is technically hard to achieve if your goal is to just start at baseline and to learn more. HOWEVER! Just like learning Spanish, there’s no easier way to learn than to need to fix something and to have absolutely no other option than to figure that shit out or risk swearing at someone instead of ordering a beer.
  2. Seriously, just Google it– Use words like “excel help” and be descriptive. It’s literally impossible that no one has had your problem before you. There are over 300 functions which are like magical high school math formulas only they generally make more sense and look like English.
  3. Use the 10 minute rule–  If you’re trying to accomplish something in Excel and it’s taking you more than 10 minutes to do manually, you’re doing it wrong. I promise. #TheresAFunctionForThat

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Fact: My favorite function is VLOOKUP and I’ve used it at least every week since I learned it. Even though I’m #obsessed with it, I still have to look up the YouTube video explaining how to use it because it’s also stupid and the Microsoft explanation for it always throws me errors.

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