New Excel Crush: WEEKDAY

Function: WEEKDAY

Awesome?: Super awesome and easy to use.

What’s it do?: It spits back the number based on the day of the week your date is.  (ex. Sunday=1, Monday=2, etc).

Today I found a new Excel function called WEEKDAY! Since I work in healthcare, I used it on a scheduling file that documented the fields “appointment create date” and “appointment date.”

Based on my interactions with the front desk staff, it was widely believed that the scheduling staff are busier on Mondays and they wanted to justify additional staff hours for all future Mondays. While it was easy to prove that we do indeed get more phone calls on Mondays (we have a VOIP system), it’s hard to figure out “how busy is busy.”

Here’s the Excel help screenshot:

Untitled picture

So this one was pretty awesome and easy to use for me based on the data I had.  I created new columns next to my dates and used my formula “=WEEKDAY(A2)” and then I did the clicky-draggy thing on the lower right hand corner to apply it to the whole column.

Untitled picture

Next I did a quick “=COUNTIF” function to count how many 2-7s existed (closed on Sundays!).

Then I got this…

For Appointment Create Dates:

Untitled picture

For Appointment Dates:

Untitled picture


  1. WEEKDAY works for scheduling files!
  2. Tuesdays are actually busier for our front desk staff despite a higher call volume.

Data wins again! 



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